Prácticas y retos de una Sociedad Científica de Estudiantes de Odontología como semillero de investigación

Yuri Alejandro Castro-Rodríguez

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Introduction: The Scientific Student Societies are extracurricular learning communities that are based on research hotbeds as a strategy of formative research to promote the development of investigative competencies. Objective: To describe the practices and challenges of a Scientific Society of Dental Students. Methods: An ethnographic study was designed that followed the activities of the Society of Dental Students of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (Lima, Peru) for a period of nine months in 2019. The techniques of participant observation and documentation were used. The categories studied were seedbed identity, practices carried out in the seedbed and challenges. Results: The Society of Dental Students was created in 2014; it is identified as a learning community where the student is provided with methodological and conceptual tools to develop their research skills. A president, advisers, and permanent committees lead it. His main practices are academic, scientific and of social projection. The students report that it has allowed them to experience how a research project was made, from its conception to its publication. Conclusions: It is concluded that the Scientific Society of Dental Students is a research hotbed with six years of experience and is identified as a place where the student learns elements and processes of research from the same investigative act; its main one is the formalization of the seedbed, since its foundation, the faculty and authorities have not recognized the seedbed as an institution.

Título traducido de la contribuciónPractices and challenge of the Scientific Society of Dental Students as a seedbed for university research
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