Las sociedades científicas estudiantiles y los semilleros de investigación, definiciones, objetivos, roles y organización

Yuri Castro-Rodríguez

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Research experiences from undergraduate level allow students to become familiar with the processes of scientific research in addition to forming their basic research competencies. Strategies to achieve these objectives include critical reading clubs, research seminars, young researchers programs, participation in competitions, research seedbeds (RS), research groups and Student Scientific Societies (SCE). The RS and SCE are strategies in which the student acquires a leading role in their formative process; there is a discrepancy if both groups have similarities or differences, which is the reason why this essay is carried out to provide a frame of reference of their definitions, objectives, organization and roles. The SCE and the RS are student groups interested in undergraduate research training. Some similarities are found in their formative objectives and the role of the students; thus, both seek the formation of competencies, the RS focus on research competencies, while the SCE seek to form research, communication, interpersonal, assistance and leadership competencies. The central role in an SCE is played by the students; the support of teachers as ad-visors is optional; unlike an RS in which the presence of a coordinating teacher is mandatory. SCEs are a frequent phenomenon in health sciences programs (mainly in the Latin American context), RS are present in multiple fields, and there is an opportunity for interdisciplinary work.

Título traducido de la contribuciónStudent Scientific Societies and research seedbeds, definitions, objectives, roles and organization Abstract
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  • Medical education
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