Cribado fitoquímico del baccharis latifolia (R&p.) pers. (Chilca)

Berta Loja Herrera, Ángel Alvarado Yarasca, Alberto Salazar Granara, Eva Ramos Yica, Berta Jurado

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Introduction: Baccharis latifolia (R.&P.) Pers. (chilca) is a wild species that grows on riverbanks. The species is abundant in Peru, where it grows between 1 000 and 4 000 m. It is a shrubby dioicous plant 1 to 2 m in height. The stem is cylindrical and longitudinally striated; the leaves are simple, alternate and petiolated, with ovate-lanceolate blades; capitula in corymbous tips and cylindrical achenes. Objective: Identify secondary metabolites of medicinal interest in leaves of B. latifolia. Methods: Collection of the botanical material was based on the Cerrate and Ramagosa et al methods. Phytochemical screening followed Olga Lock's method. For colorimetry, presence of the metabolite was qualitatively classed as "+++" (abundant), "++" (moderate), "+" (mild) or "-" (absent). Presence of the following metabolites was evaluated: alkaloids, phenols, flavonoids, carbohydrates, amino acids and lipids. Results: Phenols were found to be abundant (+++) in all extracts, except for the extract with n-hexane solvent. Flavonoids (+++) and alkaloids (+++) were present in the acidulated extract. Carbohydrates were found in all extracts except for the extract with n-hexane. Amino acids and lipids were not found. Conclusions: Leaves of B. latifolia contain abundant phenolic compounds in the ethanolic, chloroformic and acidulated extracts, but they are absent in the n-hexane extract. Alkaloids were abundant in the acidulated extract of B. latifolia. Extracts of leaves of B. latifolia do not contain amino acids or lipids.

Título traducido de la contribuciónPhytochemical screening of baccharis latifolia (R&p.) pers. (Chilca)
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  • Alkaloids
  • Baccharis latifolia (R& P.) Pers
  • Flavonoids
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  • Phytochemical screening


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