Liderazgo en tiempos de 4ta revolución industrial

Translated title of the contribution: Leadership in times of 4th industrial revolution

Javier Pedro Flores Arocutipa, Manuel Alberto Luis Manrique Nugent, Giovanna Jackeline Serna Silva, Irma Esperanza Aybar Bellido

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The physical world and the virtual world are becoming more and more integrated thanks to the development of technologies such as the internet of things, artificial intelligence, robotics and big data. Organizations and companies are increasingly in need of effectively assuming these new technologies to ensure their competitiveness in the increasingly changing and demanding market. The objective of this work is to describe key aspects of organizational leadership in times of the 4th industrial revolution. The research corresponds to a theoretical documentary and / or bibliographic review. The results showed that leaders today must be flexible, open and adaptable to changes, with a multicultural vision. Similarly, the human factor must be placed at the center of the revolution so that technology enhances human abilities and not to replace or overshadow them.

Translated title of the contributionLeadership in times of 4th industrial revolution
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)1096-1107
Number of pages12
JournalRevista Venezolana de Gerencia
Issue number96
StatePublished - 6 Oct 2021

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